Premium Top Soil
Great for landscaping projects, or filling in sunken spots around your home.
Weight: 2200 per yard

Bulk Dirt
This dirt is direct from the field and is good for depression and holes or new construction jobs.
Weight: Approximately 2200 per yard.

Garden Mix
If you need to give your garden a little kick, add some garden mix. Also works great in flower beds and to fill in holes around the yard.
Weight: 2200 per yard.

Natural Mulch
Natural mulch is course cut and often used around trees and shrubs. It is great for retaining moisture in soil and to prevent soil erosion on slopes etc.
Weight: 1200 per yard.

Aged Manure
Aged for one year or longer to decompose and dismiss odor.
Weight: 1400 per yard.

Fill Sand
When available used for backfilling.
Weight: 3000 per yard.

Used for backfilling, ditches, etc.
Weight: 2200 per yard.

Driveway Stone
3/4" stone with fines for driveways and paths.
Weight: 2600 per yard.

3/4" stone with no fines. Used for trenches and channels.
Weight: 2400 per yard.

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